Hmmm… What about me? Who am I? That is a good question and one I cannot easily or ever define.

I do not really identify with myself as labelled by any labels. I am a constantly evolving human being. A soul-searcher. A self-reflective type who never stays on one plane of consciousness or sticks with any identity for long. I think that I change daily, hourly, even every minute and am never the same as I was the day before. Kind of like that quote from Alice In Wonderland, “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” Or, “I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see?”


Jason Mraz says, “My home is deep inside the mystics, I’m known to keep diggin’ on existence.” That is basically me, but here are some things that I am interested in, the “labels” for those who crave some kind of pinpointable identity to my being.

I love and am interested in…

  •  ~Freedom~
  • ~ Yoga ~
  • ~ Walking~
  • ~Being Outside~
  • ~Sunshine~
  • ~Blue Skies~
  • ~Swimming~
  • ~Reading~
  • ~Reading all the classic books to my girls~
  • ~Writing~
  • ~Painting~
  • ~Drawing~
  • ~Dancing~
  • ~Living Naturally and Organically/No Make-Up, Perfumes, Chemicals, etc. in or on my body~
  • ~Essential Oils~
  • ~Herbal Medicine~
  • ~Massage Therapy~
  • ~Simplicity~
  • ~Veganism. I eat a mostly raw vegan organic diet, but I am a human being who is not perfect and try not to get too crazed and obsessed about food stuff. Vegan and organic food makes me feel best.~
  • ~Animal Rights/Compassion and Freedom for all beings~
  • ~Eco-Friendly Living/Recycling/Minimalistic Living and all that jazz~
  • ~Mind Over Matter~
  • ~Meditation~
  • ~Mantras~
  • ~Chakras~
  • ~Anthroposophy~
  • ~Rudolf Steiner~
  • ~Waldorf Education~
  • ~Edgar Cayce~
  • ~Doreen Virtue~
  • ~Marianne Willamson/A Course In Miracles~
  • ~Autobiography Of A Yogi~
  • ~ Paramahana Yogananda~
  • ~The Secret History Of The World~
  • ~Rumi~
  • ~Spiritual Science~
  • ~Esoteric Philosophy and Christianity~
  • ~Karma~
  • ~Reincarnation~
  • ~Past Lives~
  • ~Spiritual and Psychic Awareness~
  • ~Angel Communication~
  • ~Angel Card Reading~
  • ~Tarot~
  • ~Jason Mraz!!~
  • ~Positivity~
  • ~Encouragement~
  • ~Optimism~
  • ~Faith~
  • ~Acceptance~
  • ~Tolerance~
  • ~Family~
  • ~Friends~
  • ~Connection~
  • ~Sharing~
  • ~Spreading Love and Light~
  • ~Beauty~
  • ~Love, Love and More Love~
  • ~Truth~
  • ~Gratitude~
  • ~Expansion in Consciousness~
  • ~Helping and Healing Others in any way I can~
  • ~ Getting to know you ~
  • ~Being myself, whoever that may be that minute or that day~




ctlife (2283)

My husband and I.

I am Tiffany, a mother to my three beautiful daughters and a wife to my husband Craig. I get to stay at home with my children and homeschool our kids according to Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf education methods based on knowledge of the human being and the seven year cycles.

I wish this space to be a place where I can be me and share my life in hopes of connecting to others on a similar journey of expansion in consciousness and to inspire others through my writing and sharing. People who are also seekers and diggers who are also living each day trying to balance their human/physical existence, while also nourishing their soul and spirit and consciously and consistently working at freeing their spirit from the clutch of their human ego as well as the materialism of our age. I wish to share about all of the above things that I love and I believe that it is my life’s purpose to spread love, light, truth, compassion and individuality. I open my heart and mind to all who wish to join in my journey and read and share here.

May we bloom together.



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Tiffany! I stumbled upon your blog and Angel with Autism site–they are wonderful! My son is six and he has autism, as well as a neurological disorder called Neurofibromatosis, so my hands are full too! I really would like you to read my post on the site http://www.spiritualforums.com, under the topic of Past Lives and Reincarnation, titled Autism and Reincarnation. I think your blog about your daughter not wanting to sleep on a mattress will make a lot of sense. Then let me know what you think! I’m a big Edgar Cayce fan, as well. Keep the Faith!

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