Raising My Vibration

Ever since I have become more awake to the spiritual reality and in tune to sensing energy around me, I have been experimenting with the power of my thoughts and the reality of vibrations.

I really truly do believe that food, thoughts, and exercise are powerful! What we eat and whether or not we move our bodies determines at what frequency we vibrate and what energies we will attract. These unseen energies determine what thoughts we will have, either negative or positive as well and our thoughts are extremely powerful, creating for us an experience of either heaven or hell at any given moment in time.

After a steady practice of yoga daily and eating a highly-raw vegan diet for the past year and a half, I stopped. I felt like taking a break and seeing whether or not any of what I was doing really was making as big a difference in my life as I thought it was. I was happy and our life was peaceful. My thoughts were positive most of the time, I felt awake to my true spiritual nature, and I was not controlled by my appetite or gave much value to others opinions about how I was living my life. I felt free.

I decided to stop my yoga practice, eating such high-vibration foods, and meditating/reading/learning, convincing myself that it didn’t make that much difference in my life and maybe I was just too dependent on it. I allowed others opinions of what I was doing to convince me that maybe I was abnormal or “weird.” I feared that maybe my yoga practice was taking too much time out of my day and away from my kids or that maybe I was setting some kind of bad example for them (as yoga is thought of as bad by most Christians and unaccepted in any spiritual sense).

Ever since I stopped, I started eating way more “normal” meals and foods and listening more to the advice and opinions of others. My thoughts became more negative and life seemed so overwhelming. I couldn’t find the time to plan homeschool like I used to because I was being so affected by others opinions of how we were living and their judgements on our lifestyle choices. Everything felt up in the air. I was so confused about what to do, which was such a contrast to the person I was just weeks before. I could tell that my vibration was low, but was also trying to convince myself that I was doing what was “normal” and right by the world.

After a few weeks, I became very depressed and started living at a much lower vibration. I was eating animal foods again and trying to socialize more, even though the interactions I was making were really not very uplifting. In fact, I found them quite draining. I thought that maybe we needed more socialization in our life, so we tried going to a church again, which had a playgroup for the kids where the mom’s would get together and chat. All the while, I knew that I was denying my true feelings and intuition about so many things.

All of this was so not for me.

I ignored my intuition in an attempt to fit in and be normal. I tried to take my kids out for more socialization, but the things these kids would say and the way they would act surprised me. When sitting with the mom’s all they talked about was body image and material things that I found no connection to. I just couldn’t vibe at their level of consciousness, though I tried.

Heaven to me, joy, love and peace, comes from making a happy life for my children and my husband. I strive to take care of myself and eat healthy and maintain my yoga practice, meditation and spiritual study so that I can be the best me that I can be, for them and for the world.

I want my children to look up to me as a healthy example. I know that they are watching me and learning from me what really is true, as they wonder what really matters in life. I decided to stop doing things that are lowering my vibration and causing me to fall into depression. This includes: eating low vibrational foods (animal foods, GMO foods and any foods that are not made by God in nature), fearing what other people think of my lifestyle choices (homeschooling, diet, yoga, spiritual outlook, being a stay-at-home mom), and ignoring and denying my intuition about things.

I believe in vibration. I believe in the spiritual reality that lies behind our senses. I believe that we can and should all be happy and free and follow our own inner truth to love, freedom, and acceptance. These last few months of life experience have taught me that this is all so very true. And although a part of me wishes that I didn’t have to lose my path for a while in order to affirm what I already knew to be true for myself, I am grateful for the lessons that have revealed themselves to me through these learning experiences.

Now, I am on a mission to balance my chakras once again and live in line with my inner truth. I desire to once again raise my vibration and shine my light for all of those whom I come across in life, especially in my home as a wife and mother.

When we chose to live any other way, we deny not only ourselves, but the whole world. Each of us has a part to play and a light to shine, wherever we are and whoever we are with.

Find your center. Raise your vibration. Shine your light.

Much Love,



14 thoughts on “Raising My Vibration

  1. When we know better, we do better. Some people never know what better is (sometimes by choice). I’m happy that you are choosing to be your true self. It will definitely be reflected in the way you present yourself to the world. You will attract like minded people, even if it takes some time. Just believe in what you know to be true. Blessings to you, Tiffany. You’re stronger than you think.

    • Thanks Jacqui! I know that I do know better and I do know what feels right for me, yet it is still hard to let go of limiting beliefs and fears, and the mass consciousness that we are raised to believe is the “norm.” I hope that you have a great night! I appreciate your comments!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, Tiffany! It really is a journey. Thank you for reminding me of that. I want to work on my vibrations too; lately I have been so overwhelmed with the things I “need” to do and be. I wish you happiness!

    • Thanks Amy! We are the ones who make the rules for our lives. We are free to make different choices at different times and find what works for us. This includes being free to forgive ourselves for making “mistakes” or choosing lower vibrations sometimes too. Wishing you peace and happiness as well! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. Cheers, Tiffany. Going against the grain is not easy. I’m very lucky to have a community around me that is like minded, but there are many near and dear to me, especially extended family, who still think I’ll probably coming around and start acting and thinking “normally” again. We all have so little understanding of each other and ourselves, when it comes right down to it!!! I wish we could just try to be more open to those around us, so that people who make different choices can still be a part of our livings. Then people wouldn’t feel like they had to confirm to have a community. All in the striving, I suppose. Glad you are feeling better!

    • Thanks Coco! I think that is where we need to move to; a place of love and acceptance for others, regardless of their personal choices in diet, spirituality, or interests. It is hard though. The reality is that we do all judge each other in our human nature, but that is also what we are here to overcome. I was just saying the same thing to Craig, that we really know so little. And the more I learn, the less I know. Hope that you have a great rest of the week! 🙂

  4. You are shining your light my friend. I am so happy for you, finding your path, understanding who you are, and moving forward as you see appropriate for you and your family. The fact is there will never be a time when the world sees everything we do as okay, people will always find something “wrong” with how we live, so we just have to live the life we feel is right for us, and our family, and make choices that feel good in our hearts, and our gut.

    A friend said something to me a few years ago when I was a little down about things in my world, and it really stuck with me…”notice without judgement.” That is hard to do, but I have found when I can do it, when I can just notice something and not judge it, I am much happier, and feel confident in the path that we as a family walk. Can you imagine a world where we all tried our best to notice without judgement? Wow!

    Much love to you my friend, I love following along on your journey. xo

  5. It sounds like you did what you needed at the time. The universe knew what you needed to do to reconfirmed to you what is your right path. I hope you are able to find some like minded friends who live nearby. Internet is awesome, but it’s still great to have like minded friends in person! Remember, there are SO many kinds of “normal”. Even if it’s not the most common lifestyle, I’m betting you can find others who live similarly to you. Maybe picture in your mind and keep saying to yourself that there are a lot of awesome people out there who live life like you do.

    • Yes! I know that I have to ask for this. I know that there must be other people like me around and maybe even in this town. They are probably home-bodies like me too though, so they might be hard to meet. I am grateful for you and other internet friends and connections I have made. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Tiffany, you always seem to have a way of putting how I feel into words. I never really thought about my life’s vibrations until I read your post. I have definitely been living at a low vibration off and on now for 10 months. Just the encouragement I need to bring myself back up to me and my higher vibration. Much love to you, my friend! Thank you for being you!!!

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