Triumphant in man’s deepest soul
Lives the Spirit of the Sun;
Quickened forces, set astir,
Awake the feelings to His presence
In the inner winter life.
Hope, impulse of the heart,
Beholds the Spirit victory of the Sun
In the blessed Light of Christmas,
The sign of highest life
In the winter’s deepest night.

– Rudolf Steiner

The birth of Jesus came just at the time when all the world was in its deepest darkness and was sinking deeply into materialism. It is also in winter that we celebrate the birth of Jesus (whom would enter the spirit of Christ), a time when the days are the shortest and darkest. The beginnings of the plan of Christ’s salvation came at exactly this time of darkness and it is no coincidence, but a symbol with a profound, deep inner meaning.

To me, Christmas is about hope. No matter how dark things get and no matter how alone or hopeless things can seem at times in our world, or in our own lives or minds, we have that hope.

Christ is still here, always with us. He is the still and quiet voice within that prompts and directs us. I thought about that last night, as I was taking a walk to the store. I love going walking and seeing all of the Christmas lights in town and the Christmas trees in the windows of houses. Christmastime is such a beautiful time of year, and yet I feel these days that many have forgotten that hope. I wonder how many people actually care that it is Christmas, or feel that deeper meaning and hope in the depths of their souls?

I find each day slipping by for me and that half the time I don’t even know the date. I’ve wondered if that is just me, or if other people feel it too, but most often when I talk to others, they too feel that life is flying by faster than they can keep up with it or enjoy it fully. I feel that more and more with each day and with each year and have especially felt that this year. It somehow doesn’t really even feel like Christmas to me.

I think it is the times that we live in. I think that at this time things are dark, but I also think that now is when the light is also shining the brightest. If we can search and find that hope, and if we strive within ourselves to rise up and see the light amidst the darkness, we will find Christ and we will find hope. He has not abandoned us, but is even closer than our breath. He lives within each of us and is ever-present. In the chaos of our every day life, we often forget that, but still he remains. He will never leave us or forsake us, that is the hope that we have. That is the hope that descended to free mankind from the chains of materialism and darkness.

As times get darker and materialism seems to be spreading more and more, let us be reminded of the truth of these words and hold onto this eternal hope that we have been blessed with, “Behold, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.”

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!

Love & Light,



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