My Greatest Teacher







You are my greatest teacher. Every day you teach me patience, love, compassion, strength, and what it is to be free. You are my angel, sent to us all for a great and mighty purpose. You are my joy. I love you so much and want so much for you. You drive me crazy a lot of the time and keep all four of us busy just to keep care of you, but I could never imagine my life without you. You are so special. My Serafina Arabella.

There is a reason why it took me almost three days to name you. Right from the start, I knew that you were special, even in the womb. I knew that you were a lofty being. You are wise, smart and beautiful. When I gazed down on you for the first time, I knew that you were God-sent with a mighty mission, even in your tiny little body. You have so much to teach us all.

I love you my angel. I love you more that words can ever tell. I am grateful to God for giving you to us, and I am grateful that you and I don’t need words. We have a bond stronger than that, a love deeper than that, and a communication above all of that. I hear your words when there are none. I feel your love beyond words, and all frustration that you display when you hit or kick me and don’t want me near you. I know your feelings, I know that you really do love me. I sense your thoughts and we read each other.

Thank you for teaching me what is real, what matters, and what spirit is.

Thank you for being my greatest teacher.



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