Celebrating Martinmas

This Martinmas (November 11th, 2014), I read the stories of St. Martin to the girls from our book Stories of the Saints. Autumn also read them out loud too, so we heard them twice. We then talked about which stories we enjoyed the best and what kind of person St. Martin was and what he did through his life, as an example of Christ’s love and compassion.

We loved the story of St. Martin giving away half of his cloak to a beggar and so we thought that we should also be an example of Christ’s love and sacrifice, by spending some time in the kitchen baking something to share with our friends and neighbors. We had wanted to donate to a food bank or charity, but it was Remembrance Day here in Canada and so no stores were open. We still are going to donate something to a food bank or charity yet as part of Martinmas and also because it is the colder season now and the season of Christmas is upon us.

We also had intended to make Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, but we were out of brown sugar and again, the store was closed this day, so we decided to make Pumpkin Bread. We made one with organic chocolate chunks chopped into it, and another that had cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and walnuts.

IMG_1363 IMG_1374

Kesa made her own recipe.


The girls had a play date with their friends who were coming over that afternoon. They played forever outside in the snow, making up all kinds of games, including stick hockey. After the play date, I walked their friends home and the girls and I gave the family some of the pumpkin bread that we baked together.

IMG_1389 IMG_1383

I also have a friend who is pregnant and is going to lose her baby. The baby has Trisomy 18 and a hole in its heart and lungs and may not develop to full term, could be stillborn, or could die shortly after birth. Only 10% of babies born with this condition live to be one year old. It is a very heavy sorrow that she and her family are facing and I feel so saddened by this hardship she and her husband and two children have to face. I know that she is deeply saddened.

She had always wanted a large family (as did I) and we used to talk about our plans to have big families and our share our joys in being a mother. Now both of us aren’t sure if we will ever have any more children (her because of this and me because of having Serafina to raise and the possibility of having increased disability risk, or risk for autism in any other children I may bear, as Craig is getting older too. It is sad for both my friend Sara and I, and we share in our struggles, even if it is different circumstances that we face.

We are both very young mothers; I am only 25 and she, only 24. We also both have red hair and so many other things in common. I love Sara and I ask if you could also keep her in thought and prayer as she is going through this time of high anxiety, mixed emotions toward God, pain, confusion and grieving.

So, we also brought some pumpkin bread to Sara and her family as a way to show love and compassion on Martinmas. We made lanterns out of tin cans and the girls painted them.

We sang songs and talked about what we were grateful for in life (as we usually do) on our walk.

IMG_1394 IMG_1401

Later in the evening, Autumn had the idea of making a video with Kesa of their peg doll family celebrating Martinmas.

I was so amazed to see what an awesome video they came up with! It melted my heart completely and I felt so blessed to have such sweet and imaginative girls.

Autumn also wrote out a poem for Martinmas and we talked about how it is during these coming winter months to come that we must carry that light of Christ within us (streaming down to us all summer long from the sun), throughout the dark, cold evenings and nights of winter. Christ is the light, love and hope that we carry within us always, and he is the one who we can find in any and all darkness.


We sang This Little Light of Mine and enjoyed an evening playing board games together.

It was a wonderful day spent in love and sharing!

Life is beautiful! I am grateful! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Celebrating Martinmas

  1. Keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers, that is such a difficult situation, and no one family should have to go through. Sending her and her family love and light.

    Your Martinmas celebrations are lovely. Your life is beautiful my friend. xo

  2. What beautiful acts of love and compassion! I love all of it! I will most certainly keep your friend in my prayers during this most challenging time, My heart pours over with loving embrace to her.

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