Peace, Truth, Consciousness, Bliss

During the colder months, we listen tot a lot more mantra music. The dark and cold can be hard to bear and get through. Prayers, mantras and really focusing on God and light help me immensely.
When the girls and I go out walking together we often break out and sing mantras. This morning we did Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings everywhere be happy and free). We also often sing Snataum Kaur’s Servant of Peace, the prayer of Saint Francis.
These days I am loving Deva Premal’s latest album, especially this mantra.
Ananda Ananda Ananda
If you don’t fight with life,
life simply helps you,
takes you on its shoulders.
Sat – truth
Chit – consciousness
Ananda – bliss
Love and light to all beings everywhere. Peace and love and freedom for all.
This is my prayer for our world tonight and every night:
Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Use me as a light unto the world. Expand my consciousness. Free my mind. Help me to know the truth of my being. May my life be ever and always spent in your service, in thought, word and deed.
(Sorry for the jumbled text. I am having endless trouble posting anything these days, but really wanted to send this inspiration out there tonight)

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