Life These Days – Absorbing Wisdom & Making Progress

I’ve been consuming a lot of Steiner wisdom these days during my walks or during yoga. I love to listen to the audio books from During the Fall and Wintertime is when I really get back into listening to Rudolf Steiner. His lectures and books warm my soul and give such wings to my spirit, filling me with the inspiration, hope and light to help me get through the long dark, cold winter months.

His works also inspire me during these months as a Waldorf homeschooling parent and teacher. When my mind is set on anthroposophy, I find that I am a much better parent and person. When he speaks, I cannot help but feel reverential awe for all of life and existence; I cannot help but feel peace and gratitude for all of life and really take my life, incarnation and karma seriously. My worries melt away when I see the whole grand picture of myself as a human being placed into the cosmos for a great and mighty spiritual purpose. This to me is always completely awe-inspiring.

The past few weeks (less than a month), I have listened to quite a few audio books. I didn’t realize just how many until I made a little list.

  • The Sun Mystery
  • Karma (first book)
  • Man and the World of Stars
  • Christianity as Mystical Fact
  • Death as a Metamorphosis of Life
  • Genesis
  • According to Matthew (The Gospel of Christ’s Humanity)
  • The Inner Nature of Tone
  • The Boundaries of Natural Science
  • Man as Symphony of The Creative Word
  • The Course of My Life (just started this one and am on the first part, though I have read about halfway through the book before)

Not only do I listen to and read Steiner, but we always read together and are ploughing through the classic books. We finished up An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott and The Adventures of Robin Hood by Rodger Lancelyn Green. Both were very, very great! Of course completely different, but both very soul-inspiring.

Now to decide what to read next. Any suggestions on a good classic book?


Autumn has been busily working on finishing up her Geometry and we have begun a block on Punctuation. She also takes her favorite quotes from the books we read together to write out, as well as draw a picture of a scene from the book to accompany the quote as part of her reading studies. We read together and she has progressed so much in reading, it amazes me!


I have been up early planning homeschool lessons and last night we were busy making lanterns for celebrating Michaelmas today. We have also been going out for walks all together every day, even though it is getting colder every day. This morning we woke up to a white ground. Time for winter boots!

I just wanted to make a quick post as an update on life and so that I can reflect on how much we have been getting done. Sometimes it feels like there is just not enough time for what I want to do and for all of the plans that I have for the children and our family as well. I get down on myself for not being able to do everything that I would like to, but I am always working on seeing the positive and what we have got accomplished.

When I reflect back, I can see how much we really are doing in life and that fills my heart with gratitude.

Much Love & Light,



6 thoughts on “Life These Days – Absorbing Wisdom & Making Progress

    • Glad that you could benefit from this post!

      I know! She really is growing up! She is going through so many changes. I have cried a lot about it these days, no longer my little girl, but a young lady. 🙂

  1. Hmmm…..what to read next? The following suggestions might suit Autumn…..

    1. Have you heard of the “American Girl” book series? They technically aren’t “classics” but many girls like these books.

    2. A series called “Portraits of the Little women” by Susan Beth Pfeffer. The books are fictional stories about the March sisters childhood. The series includes: Jo’s Story, Meg’s story, Beth’s Story, Amy’s story, and several other delightful tales.

    3. A kid friendly biography called “Louisa May Alcott: Young Novelist” by Beatrice Gormley.

    4. “Hans Brinker” by Mary Mapes Dodge is a good classic.

    5. “The Five Little Peppers” by Margaret Sidney is a nice classic.

    I’m glad that you all are happy and well. Take care 🙂

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