We Need Each Other

In our selfish human lower ego, we often feel separate from others, and at worst even desire to be so when we are in our darker moments. People annoy us, we feel people hold us back, we blame people, we resent people, we compare ourselves and our lives to others or are jealous of others. Sometimes we just want to be alone. Sometimes we think that our lives would be better on an island off somewhere by ourselves, or may even feel as though others hold us back from growing or from being who we truly want to be.

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about how we need each other. We would never learn anything about ourselves, or about love and compassion if we were just alone. Sometimes I get annoyed with other people or wonder why some people are in my life. Sometimes my children drive me crazy and I want to be alone, but then I miss them if and when they gone. When I feel too isolated and alone, lost in my own world, I know that I am not living life right.

The other day, I received this quote in my email and found it exactly fitting to what I have been pondering these days.

“When someone is alone, Christ is not there. You cannot find Christ without first feeling a connection to humanity as a whole. You must seek Christ on the path that connects you with all humankind…. To be connected only with your own inner experiences leads you away from Christ.” Rudolf Steiner

Yes, we need to spend time in our own inner world, reflecting, learning and growing. We need that time for our inner development, but we also need others. We need to feel connected to all of humanity. We need each other, no matter how different we may feel from them or how completely opposite they may seem to be from us or choose to live their lives. We all need each other and our differences to form a beautiful and glorious whole. We can truly learn from every single person we meet, and should not shut our eyes, minds or hearts toward anybody or anything that has been placed into our lives.

Stay Open,



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