From Kesa’s Mind

My six year old daughter Kesa has been thinking a lot about hearts these days. She actually thinks a lot of questions and is very insightful, always astonishing us with her deep wisdom. Yesterday I got asked this question on our walk together.

Kesa – “Do some people not have a heart?”

I decided to let see what she thought so I asked, “Hmmm… What do you think?”

She responded, “I think so.”

I then inquired questioningly, “Yea, maybe. Why do you think someone wouldn’t have a heart? How could you tell if they didn’t have a heart?”

She said, “Well, some people are rude. And there are some people who kill other people.”

Me – “Yea, maybe. Maybe there are some people who really don’t have a heart.”


Then today while she was sweeping the floor and we were doing our clean up after lunch she asked me, “Mommy, is God’s heart very big?”

Again, I never tell her anything, but always want to see what she thinks. I asked again of her “Hmmm…that is a good question. What do you think?”

She cleverly responded by saying “It must be really big because he gives a piece of it to everybody.”


It is so interesting to see into the innocent little minds of children. I love their innate and profound wisdom. They teach me so much everyday and felt that this was something worth sharing.


Much Love!



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