Peace As Strength

caterpillar-6 I bear within me peace;
Within myself I bear forces to make me strong.
With the warmth of these forces I shall be imbued.
With the power of my will I shall be filled.
And then I shall feel
How peacefulness pours through all my being
As I strengthen myself
To find peace as strength within myself
Through steadfast inner striving.

— Rudolf Steiner, Verse for the Esoteric School

dry chrysalisCommon Tiger Butterfly on Yellow Flower in Phuket Thailandtiffany6


5 thoughts on “Peace As Strength

  1. Oh, I love this one and use it frequently. I have never seen this translation–which uses “peace” instead of “quiet” Sometimes, with three small children between the age of 18mos and 4 1/2, I feel like all I can do is be the center of the storm and hope that I am teaching them a little something about grace! Thanks for sharing this unique translation

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