More Angel Stories

There had been a scavenger hunt for kids going on at our local grocery store for about a month and every day the girls had wanted to go and do it. You search the store for the co-op bear and write down where you found him. If you find 6 bears, you get one entry into the draw to win the prize. If you find all 12 bears, you get two entries.

Every day we just didn’t seem to have time to do the scavenger hunt. I promised them that I would take them though and they would wait for that day. It was finally the last day to do the hunt and so we went just 30 minutes before the store was about to close and the hunt would be over. They were worried that it was too late, that they wouldn’t find the bears and they also really wanted to win, so I took this as another opportunity to teach them to have faith.

We got to the store and got our sheets to keep track of the bears that we found throughout the store. Autumn was nervously searching around and I told her to just calm down and ask the angels to help her to find them if it meant that much. No worries, just trust and have faith they will get found. We found bear after bear and actually found all twelve bears hidden in the store (enough for them to enter two ballots each), just in time for the store to close on the last day before the draw.

On our walk home, we felt happy for the time that we shared and the fun we had searching for the bears. Even if we didn’t win anything, it was a great memory and I was happy that I took the time to make them happy by doing something that their heart’s had been set upon for so long. Yet, I had a feeling that they would win the prize because we had waited so long to do it and it really was an act of love on my part. The timing just seemed right that it would happen. I hadn’t really wanted to go and do it and had been putting it off for so long, even though I knew in my intuition that I should do the loving thing and take them to hunt for their bears and sacrifice a bit of my time for them.

A few days went by and we hadn’t heard anything and had kind of forgotten about the whole thing. Then one day the phone rang and the lady from the store said that both Autumn and Kesa won the hunt! Both of their names were drawn as the winners of a $10 gift card each to spend in the store. They were so happy! 🙂

The day that we found out that they had won, we went to the store and they picked some healthy non-GMO snacks (the selection is pretty grim out here) and they had a nice little celebration. It was a heart-warming moment and another testimony to the fact that the angels really do care about our happiness, even if it is something as silly as hunting for co-op bears and getting $20 worth of snacks. Pray. Release. Believe. Receive. 





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