Early Morning

Early morning.

Before the world has awoken.

Before time has a chance to get away on me.

I walk.

The glorious sun just appearing over the horizon.

Skies of violet, periwinkle, peach and pink rose.

A moderate north wind blows upon me.

Crisp and enlivening.

Leaves rain down in glorious shades of red, gold, brown, orange and yellow-green.

With my headphones in my ears, taking in some knowledge.

Feeling free.


The cool air so fresh to breathe.

A chill runs through my body.

This is morning.




As the sun rises, the bustle begins.

The world awakens.

I watch people as they begin their day.

Wondering how each lives their lives.

Wondering at what journey others are on.

I feel love for all beings.

For all the world.

As I watch and observe all without judgement.

Knowing that we are each unique.

We are all different, but not as different as we may think.



Feeling blessed to live my life.

Feeling grateful for what awaits me when I come back home.






My heart swells with gratitude to the Divine.

For fresh air.

For sunshine.

For the beauty of nature all around me.

For the bit of wisdom I get to feed my soul with daily.

For the exercise I get for my body, which makes me strong and healthy.

For good food and a warm, safe home.

For the brilliant and beautiful children I have.

For my faithful and supportive husband.

For the love and joy that we all share.

I smile.

Because I love life.

And because I know that life is beautiful.




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