What Shall Remain

What Shall Remain


In the midst of your troubles, do not forget all of the obstacles, fears, worries and trials you have already overcome.

It always seems hard to see through the fog of the moment into a bright and clear future.

Often we doubt or lose our faith.

The waves of fear ever crash upon us.

But hold on.

Stay strong.

A new dawn always rises.

God is faithful to us always and never allows anything to come upon us that we cannot bear.

Nothing happens to us in life that we did not preordain for our lives and arrange through our own karma.

Everything has a plan and a purpose.

See the lesson in the situation.

See yourself in each person.

Step back and try to see the bigger picture.


This is one moment in time.

One lesson.

One incarnation.

There is always so much more life ahead.

This moment is just one piece in the grand puzzle of your life.

One part of the even greater puzzle of existence.

It is all just pieces of the puzzle.

Every trial.

Every joy.

Every sorrow.

Every triumph.

Every day.

Every life.

Every one.


Connecting together to form the whole of God.

In the end.







And what shall remain will ever and only be,

Everlasting Love.


An Inspired Morning Writing.


The Lord’s Prayer

Father, you who were, are and will be in our innermost being.

Your name in us is glorified and praised.

May your kingdom increase in our deeds and in our conduct.

May we perform your will, as you, O Father, have laid it down in our innermost being.

Spiritual nourishment, the bread of life, you give us super abundantly in all of the changing conditions of our lives.

Let our mercy for others balance the sins done to our being.

You do not allow the tempter to work in us beyond the capacity of our strength.

For in your being, O Father, no temptation can exist, for the tempter is but appearance and deception, from which you will lead us by the light of your knowledge.

May your power and glory work through us in all cycles of time.









2 thoughts on “What Shall Remain

  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love this!!! thank you for writing this today, it is the very thing I needed ❤ I love that first quote from 2 Corinthians 🙂

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