Savoring Steiner – Christianity as Mystical Fact

I have been listening to a lot of Steiner these days again. Last winter and all through the year this year until now, I have listened to over 83 books and lectures. Sometimes I go through a time where I listen to a lot of Steiner and then I take a little break, but I never forget about it or neglect it completely. Spiritual science is real food for the soul and spirit. Other authors and teachers are great, but to me, nothing compares with Steiner and Anthroposophy.

I like to listen to the Rudolf Steiner audio recordings on my walks, during yoga or while I am cooking. So far during the past few weeks, I have listened to The Sun Mystery, Man and The World Of Stars, Karma (really, really great) and The Riddles of Philosophy. I started Christianity as Mystical Fact this morning. I have listened to many of the audio books and lectures over and over again. We also have many, many Steiner books. I like to listen to the lectures or books and the go back to my hard copy and highlight the parts I want to remember. I am very clairaudiently intuitive, (meaning that I hear messages and guidance from the spiritual world primarily in my thoughts and am very in tune with my thoughts) and I also have a good memory for words, quotes and scriptures and love to write. Whenever I see or hear a quote that I love, I collect it in my memory and preserve it in writing.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from what I listened to this morning on my early morning walk. I got home and immediately took out my book and highlighted these quotes from it and then decided to type them out. Such awesome insight and revelation.


“There is one God greater than all gods and men. His form is not like that of mortals, his thoughts are not their thoughts.”

This God was also the God of the mysteries. He might have been called a hidden God, for the human being could never find him with his senses only. Look at outer things around you: you will find nothing Divine. Exert your reason: you may be able to detect the laws by which things appear and disappear, and you will be able to create images which you take to be gods; but your intellect will pull them to pieces, for it will prove to you that you created them yourself and borrowed the material from the sense world. As long as you look at outer things simply in your capacity of a reasonable being, you must deny the existence of God; for God is hidden from the senses and from that intellect of your which explains sense perceptions. Go lies hidden, spellbound in the world and you need his own power to find him. That power you must awaken in yourself.


Where is God? This was the question asked by the soul of the mystic. God is not existent, but nature exists and in nature he must be found. There he has found as enchanted grave. It was in a higher sense that the mystic understood the words “God is love.” For God has infinitely expanded that love, he has sacrificed himself in infinite love, he has poured himself out, fallen into number in the manifold of nature. He slumber within them. He lives in man, and man can experience his life within himself. If we are to give him existence, we must deliver him by  the creative power within  us.


The soul is the mother who is able to conceive the god by nature. If the soul be impregnated by nature she will give birth to the divine. God is born from the union of the soul with nature — no longer a hidden, but a manifest god. He is the spirit freed from enchantment, the offspring of the spellbound God. He is not the great God, who was and is and is to come, yet he may be taken, in a certain sense, as his revelation. The Father remains in the unseen; the Son is born to man out of his own soul. Mystical knowledge is thus an actual event in the cosmic process. It is the birth of a divine offspring. It is an event as real as any natural event, only enacted upon the higher plane.

– Christianity as Mystical Fact, Chapter 2, Pages 31, 32, 33


It is man’s original guilt to cling with his cognition to the transitory. Thereby he turns away from the eternal and life becomes a danger for him. What happens to him comes to him through life, but its events lose their sting if he ceases to set unconditioned value on life. In that case his innocence is restored to him. It is as though he were able to return from the so-called seriousness of life to his childhood. The adult takes many things seriously with which a child merely plays, but one who really knows becomes like a child. “Serious” values lose their value when looked at from the standpoint of eternity. Life then seems like play. On this account does Hereclitus say: “Eternity is a child at play, it is the reign of a child.” Where does the original guilt lie? In taking with the utmost seriousness what ought to be so taken.  God has poured himself into the world of objects. If we take these objects and leave God unheeded, we take them in earnest as “the tombs of God.” We should play with them like a child, but at the same time should earnestly strive to call forth from the divine that sleeps spellbound within them.

– Christianity as Mystical Fact, Chapter 3, Page 39



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