~ For time to do yoga.





Even though it is often like this…




~ For sweet sisters.



~ For good food.













~ For evening walks and time outside, beholding all of the beauty of Fall.








~ For organic food! We got our favorite Silver Hills Bakery sprouted grain bread and tons of organic frozen fruit and greens! 🙂










~ For Stevia!




~ For Zevia. We have only just tried it and it is a nice treat. I like that it has no artificial colors or flavors and is sweetened with stevia. So yummy!






~ For tea.



~ For healthy snacks and happy children.









~ For evenings spent reading to my girls. We finished Tales From The Arabian Nights and are now reading the second part of Little Women, called Good Wives.

~ For bedtime prayers and routine.



~ For love.




~ For a daughter who likes to use the camera and take funny pictures of her mom.




~ For this beautiful life!

Enjoy every moment of yours! ❤




15 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful life & family with us! ❤
    I have to say, you have gorgeous skin. What skin care routine/products do you use?

    • Thank you Aimee! I don’t use anything on my face except maybe soap and water when I wash. I do use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer if my skin is ever dry. I also don’t wear make-up. I think the healthy skin is due mainly to the way I eat, the amount of water that I drink and the exercise I get daily. Oh! And sunshine! Just like to keep it natural. 🙂

      • Well, it sure is working beautifully for you! I’m working on becoming healthier/stronger. Sometimes I lose focus and motivation. Do you have any tips?

        • It definitely has to be a commitment that you make for yourself. I am now in the habit of doing yoga for an hour every day and I have been doing it since September last year, so 13 months now (with a few days missed). That isn’t hard for me because I love that time to stretch my body and my mind. It really is a mind set that you have to create for yourself, but then don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t get it done. Find something that you enjoy and that can fit into your schedule.

          We all love the walking and have been walking together as a family for 6 years now, so that is just normal to the girls too. They can easily walk an hour a day, which is so great! They love to play on the walks and make up their own games with different things they find out in nature. Luckily, Serafina loves the stroller and sitting for a walk every day too.

          As for positivity, I think that is hard to do for everyone in this world nowadays. It is all about perspective and about choosing to focus on the good and the beautiful and all that you have to be grateful for. We try and take every moment around here to have fun and laugh and make life worth living. It can be terribly stressful if I let it be, to have Serafina cry and whine from morning til night some days, but amidst it all I keep a positive attitude, watch my thoughts and try and be sure to set a good example for all of my girls and keep the energy in our home positive and peaceful.

          The key is to make sure that you are keeping yourself happy and healthy so that you can serve others better. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. Find a balance between work, play and pleasure and make your eating and exercising fun. Surround yourself with influences of people you want to be like and create that in yourself. Listen to your favorite music often. Get outside. See yourself as a creation of the divine and take care of yourself for that purpose and for your children. Know that when you shine, you give others permission to do the same. That’s what motivates me. I am happy to blog because knowing that others enjoy what I write and share makes my journey well worth it. It can sometimes feel lonely when you live/think and eat differently than most people, so connecting with people who have similar interests is very important so you don’t feel too weird and shamed for being so.

          I never used to post pictures of myself on my last blog, but I am trying to brave up and love my whole self, inside and out and heal from those insecurities. We also have got to face those dark and ugly things inside of us and shine a little light on our fears so that we won’t be crippled by them and unable to move forward.

          Much love to you and thanks for the inspiration and opportunity to offer you some tips! This is inspiring me to make a post about this specifically in the near future. I have so many post ideas and drafts, but not so much time to sit down and write.

          I am glad that you like my blog Aimee. Comment any time. That means a lot! 🙂


          • Thank you so much for everything you do, but most importantly for who you are. I truly appreciate all your tips and advice. You actually really helped me a lot and helped me get a different perspective. I will definitely take what you said to heart. I really love when you said, “Know that when you shine, you give others permission to do the same.” I may use that as a FB status if it’s alright with you. I would of course make sure to give you credit. 🙂 You are such an inspiration. Sending you much love. (((hugs)))

  2. Muffin can snack tray = cool idea.

    My daughter, Aarohi, loves to look at your beautiful girls. She was impressed that Autumn can bake and cook. Aarohi helps me measure and mix when she feels like.

    • Awesome! It is great to get them involved in the kitchen. We are often cooking and baking since we are vegan and make everything from scratch. It is nice to incorporate this as part of our homeschooling or, as I like to call it, life learning.

      Hope that you have a great day! 🙂

      The snack tray is a great idea and way to get kids to eat healthy snacks. I make it often these days because sometimes Serafina and Kesa can be such picky eaters.

  3. Yes, so many lovely things to be grateful for indeed! Thank you for sharing these charming photos. I especially liked the photo of you and Serafina looking into each others eyes…..what a beautifully captured moment.

    From Autumn saying her prayers at night to Kesa blowing bubbles in her cup…all are precious moments. I love the idea of the snack tray. Such a clever way to get kids sampling new food. As for me, I am grateful that many things that I worried about over the summer, are finally coming together much better than I imagined!

    I am so grateful for that! Thank you for reminding us to cherish the small and fleeting moments all around us. Have a great Saturday 🙂

    • Thank you Priscilla for all of your positive words! 🙂 I too find that when I worry about something and it seems to be such a huge issue, it does eventually pass and then I feel such a peace. Sometimes (well, most of the time) we wonder why it is we ever even worried so much in the first place and fought or questioned the natural flow of life. I find that this Fall is leading me to become more still and quiet and more relaxed. It is getting very cold these days and it feels more like a time for slowing down, reading books and really taking time for yoga and writing for me.

      Have a great weekend! 🙂

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