Signs From Angels and Nature Beings

The girls and I always pick up garbage on our walks when we go outside. It is something they are in the habit of doing. We all are and have been doing it since we started walking together 6 years ago. It just comes naturally to us. We pick up the trash and recycling and put it in the bottom of our stroller and then put the garbage in the garbage and the bottles, cans and any other recyclable materials into a recycle receptacle.

A little while back, I got Autumn a fairy book by Doreen Virtue, called Fairies 101. She has always loved fairies and I really want her to keep her faith and belief in fairies, angels, God and unseen divine guidance. She read in that book that the fairies and nature spirits love when you pick up trash and care about the environment. They also care when you desire to be a vegetarian or vegan (which we are) and so she is (and always has been) hoping to see a fairy or to get signs from them that they do indeed exist. I told her that of course she would if she really did believe, but often times she doubts and worries too much about them not being real or that maybe it is all made up. Autumn is going to be ten soon and she is starting to grow up more and lose a bit of her childlike innocence.

The girls always make toys and create things from nature all the time. They have made many fairy houses in the yard, believing that the fairies come and enjoy the dwellings that they create. And like I said, we are always cleaning up the earth, keeping our life and home as eco-friendly as we can, as well as maintaining an organic, vegan/vegetarian diet.

Yesterday on our walk we were wanting to stop by the store and pick up a bottle of carbonated spring water to make homemade stevia sweetened pop for a treat. We had a little bit of change, but were short some money. We searched all around the house to scrounge up any bit of change that we could, but were still about 25 cents short. I told the girls that we will just go out for the walk and maybe we will find money when we are outside.

I was listening to Steiner on my headphones while the girls walked behind, gathering their nature “toys.” We all the while always pick up any trash that we see laying at the sides of the sidewalk or in the ditches. I also always keep my eyes to the ground because I have found many things this way, money, candy, jewellery, etc. and I am always looking down for trash to be picked up.

When we first set out I had prayed that we would get a sign though by finding a quarter to afford our carbonated water. I wanted to hold out the faith that my prayers were being heard and that the angels and fairies are real and really do care about us, even if it is something silly like a quarter to buy carbonated water. Of course, my head was still a bit doubtful about it and I had some negative, disbelieving thoughts, but I still wanted to believe and practice having faith and not letting doubt creep in. “All I need is a quarter angels. Please help us to find a quarter tonight.” Then I left it out of my hands and out of my mind.

It was nearing the end of our walk and we hadn’t found any money. I didn’t really care either way, and the girls knew too that it was OK if we didn’t find anything. We were literally five minutes away from home and our walk was practically done when I had to go and stop and check the mail. I saw a Subway beverage cup laying on the sidewalk by a shop in town that I have seen every day for the past week. Picking up the trash in town is a bit different than picking it up when no one is around, so sometimes I feel shy about it, as though I look like I am a crazy lady. But then I figured they know me as the crazy walking, homeschooling lady, with the kids around me all the time who wrote a vegan cookbook and doesn’t dress up or wear make-up, so I figured, whatever. I am totally supposed to pick up that cup, since I see it everyday and no one else is.

I picked up the cup and proceeded to take it to the garbage bin a few feet away. I knew that a few people were watching me and felt a little weird, but I figured that was good for me to practice not caring about others judgments of me and would set a good example for the girls. I took two steps toward the garbage bin and there right in front of me was a shiny quarter, face up by my running shoes!

“My quarter!” I said. Autumn and Kesa came running over and couldn’t believe it. Autumn even said, “I didn’t want to tell you mom, but I was kind of having doubts and didn’t actually believe that we were going to find one.” I then told her that this was proof to never doubt and admitted that I did too when we first started walking, but I decided that I was just going to believe that I would find it and not let that doubt enter my mind and block it from happening. All of us had a new strengthened faith from this experience and it taught me again the power of positive thinking and how it really is only our own doubt, fear and negativity that blocks us from receiving anything that we desire (if our desires are pure and our intentions are good).

We went to the store, got what we needed off of the shelf and then at the checkout I saw a candy on the ground in its wrapper (not something the store sold) and told Kesa to grab it. We often find candies that are perfectly good and many times the girls have found bracelets or hairpins with flowers on them. One year on our camping trip we found an item everyday. One day it was a book. The next a little ball. The next a sand toy floated to the spot of beach by our camping spot. Another some money. It just happens for us all the time and I really do believe that these are all little signs and little ways of letting us know that they are real and that they are aware that we are so environmentally conscious and really do keep an optimistic mindset and have faith in the divine.

The funny thing is that even when we went to pay for the carbonated water, we were a bit short, so we decided that we will come back another day. No big deal. We did find the candy in there though.

As we left the store I joked to the girls, I should have asked the angels and fairies for another quarter. But I also was teaching them how we can’t be greedy and that we should remain happy that we found the quarter that we asked for. That is what we had wanted right?

Then we started home, thanking God for all that we were grateful for that day. Gratitude is something that we practice as often as we can. We do it on our walks together or before bed as often as I can remember amongst our busy days. We sometimes even make up songs about it. Thank you God for my home. Thank you God for my family. Thank you God for everything I have. And then we continue the song and list things that we are grateful for in turn. It helps cleaning the house go by faster as I sweep and they put away dishes or clean up the mess from after a meal.

We are all watched out for. We are all cared about. We are all precious and worthy of love and having our pure and good desires being manifested.


Ask for help. Ask for signs. Believe. Never doubt. And always keep a grateful heart! ❤






In Love & Light,



4 thoughts on “Signs From Angels and Nature Beings

  1. A lovely post. Read it twice. The trees and their colors look so nice and refreshing. I miss the experience of seasons changing here (in Singapore). We have only dry and wet seasons.

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