Yoga Love

Autumn graciously took some pictures of me doing yoga today. I just felt so good doing it that I wanted to capture the moment. I am proud of my strength, not only in body, but in mind and of being able to hold tolasana for so long. The longest I have held myself up in tolasana has been 9 minutes. I hope that this inspires someone to really believe in mind over matter.

Yoga is a constant teacher of that for me. It helps me immensely in separating myself from my ego and getting back in touch with divinity and my true/higher self. I do my own self-style ashtanga yoga practice daily for one hour, even with the kids and messy living room around me.












There are no limits to what we can do when we believe and apply the mind over matter principle to our lives and drop the ego’s voice of doubt, negativity, limitation and fear.





8 thoughts on “Yoga Love

  1. I look forward to reading your posts. Seems like you and your blog are a sign for me to direct me to a path I have been looking for a few months now. There has been a feeling of missing out on things in my life that I could not pin point. I now have a couple of ideas to go forward. Thanks a lot for all the inspiration.

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