Everything Changes

It seems like just when you have things figured out. Just when you think you are almost “there.” Just when you feel comfortable and everything is in balance, everything changes.

It is the flow of life that stretches us, forces us to continue along and to grow.

“Don’t stay too long.” Spirit says. “We’ve got work to do. Places to be. People to meet and uncharted terriorties of consciousness to discover. There are things that you need to see. Things that you need to learn. Come along, don’t tarry long.”

I know that is the truth and I follow daily the guidance of my higher self, the angels and God, but sometimes I wish that we could stop and stay where we are just a little longer.

Sometimes my human self longs for the past. I get sentimental and afraid and resist going along with the divine flow and wish, oh how I wish, that we could just slow down.

My children are changing. I am changing. Seasons are passing. Memories are like tiny scattered seeds blowing in the wind that I can only try in vain to hold onto.

Along I travel, often lost in the thrill of the adventure, the love of the journey. Until one day, I pause, look back and realize that I have changed again. Everything is different now. I hardly recognize myself or my life. Worries rob me of the desire for more adventure and I realize just how far I have come and how fast. It is wonderful to see, but it is at the same time terrifying and makes me also see how much farther there is yet to go. Humbling, fascinating and enticing all at once.

But times are changing and we can all feel it. We are evolving together toward the light and there is greater brightness to be seen. Much more love to be sown. We cannot let our ego prevent us from what awaits. We cannot grieve for the past or cling to the moment. There is ground to travel.

So say goodbye to the fear, that ever-present guest you know so well. Take a brief moment to reflect with gratitude upon your past experience. Cry if you need to. Grieve for the moments that are only now faint memories.

Then say hello to a new chapter. A new dawn rising. Open your mind and heart to the new experiences that the divine will take you on.

Because we don’t have time to stay still.

Life is moving.

Spirit is calling, awakening.

The light is getting brighter.

Do not fear. Do not doubt. Do not stop and wait.

Go along, with faith and hope and love to guide you.


Take the hand of the divine. Breathe out the sorrow, pain and fear. Hold your head up high and breathe in the anticipation of what is yet to come.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis




2 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. The Light IS getting brighter, and every loving thought people like yourselves share brings it closer and brighter in our awareness. I FEEL it, too! God bless!

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