Pray. Release. Believe. Receive.


Make a wish.

I think often times we hit stumbling blocks in our lives. We often encounter fear, doubt, confusion and darkness because although it is true that we are powerful spiritual beings, we are also human.

One of the things I think we lack a lot of is faith. The real belief in divine guidance and providence and complete trust in the divine to truly look out for us and take care of our needs. We often want to believe in prayer and positive manifestation, but our human ego and its fear often stands in our own way and blocks the power of the divine from working in our lives because we lack complete faith and total trust and do not wholly surrender and fully believe in a positive outcome.

Why do we do this? I have come to conclude that it is because of F-E-A-R, fear. Maybe it is a fear of God? Maybe we have had an upbringing where we were raised in a strictly religious home and have been brought up to fear God and/or angelic assistance? Maybe it is a fear of actually receiving and we have subconscious thoughts of unworthiness that make us block ourselves from receiving blessings and happiness. Whatever it is, it is certain to stem from a fear that we have somewhere inside of us.

All fear is not from God or divine love and truth. Fear is an illusion and a deception and only love is truly real. It is our human ego that often prevents us from moving forward. Or, if we do begin to move forward and we take the next step in prayer, positivity or manifestation or our desires, often our ego will rear its ugly head again in fear and steal away any faith, positivity, belief and surrender because we are subconsciously afraid to have what we want or to see the power of the divine and spiritual working in our lives.

Here are four steps that I have found necessary to follow in order to receive divine assistance and to truly live in peace, faith and trust.

  1. Pray- Ask for what you want. You can pray out loud, in your head and in your thoughts. You can write out what you desire or what you want to be rid of. You may enjoy praying in the form of meditation or during an exercise. Whatever it is that you need to do to open up to the divine and be willing to ask for the help that you need. I find myself asking for help mentally often, because I know that I need it often. I try to stay open-minded and fixed on the divine light at all times and able to be in touch with the guidance I am given about nearly everything.
  2. Release – Most often people make it to step one and then do not carry on their intentions to step two, which is release. Release means to let go. We need to ask and then we need to let go of the outcome of how everything is going to work out. This means a mental letting go and no longer worrying about it or planning how we want the situation to be taken care of. If we were taking a letter to the post office and sending it off to someone far away, it can never get there until we gave it into the hands of the post office worker and trust that it will reach the person whom we are sending it to. If we are praying to the divine and we get to the point of asking, but then never truly let go of worrying about the problem or thinking of how everything should or could turn out, then we haven’t fully released it and the prayer or desire can not be answered for us as long as we do not release it completely. Often (usually) when we pray, our prayers get answered in ways completely different from what we could have ever imagined or planned for ourselves. And really our ways are really insignificant compared to the divine plans that God and the angels have for us. So step two is to release and completely let go of all of our plans, worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity and doubt about the situation so that we do not stop the process at this step and block the manifestation by continuing to mentally hold onto our issues and to not truly trust and have faith in the divine to help us.
  3. Believe – Believe that you have been heard and that you have completely surrendered your situation and wait patiently for the answer to your prayers. Keep a positive outlook and watch for signs of your prayers being answered. Signs can come to you in so many ways. Through a song you hear, a poster or ad you see, a conversation you overhear, a person you meet, signs are everywhere! Pay attention to the signs around you after you have released your desire and continue to hold a positive expectation and outcome in your mind. Believe in the signs that you are seeing and follow them. If we follow the first sign and step, it will lead to the next sign or step that we need to take and eventually we will see how our prayer gets answered.
  4. Receive – Allow yourself to receive the blessings that are bestowed upon you. Don’t block the answers to your prayers and desires by thinking you don’t deserve it or by being uncertain of the way that things are now turning out. If you continue to follow the guidance you are giving, trust the signs and maintain a positive outlook, you are sure to feel peacefully protected, guided and taken care of. Allow yourself to receive the goodness that you deserve.

In Love & Light,



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