The Power Of Positivity and Manifestation

I try to make a habit of journaling every day. I also have a little book that I write in about what I want to happen in my life or what I want to get accomplished that day. Instead of worrying about things and keeping thoughts swirling through my brain, I write it out and forget about it. I have come to conclude (time and time again, really) that worry is worthless and instead really just surrender my fears or desires to God and see what happens. I know that God does not want us to ever worry or fear and that he gave us his angels to help us out, so I pray and journal it out and then just trust the guidance that appears in life at the right moment and watch what I desire become manifest in my life. It really is that simple and time and time again I see that this really does work.

In July, I felt that I really wanted to see Jason Mraz in concert. I love him and his music and find him to be such an inspirational person here on this planet, sharing his gift of music and shining his light as a raw vegan who cares so deeply about the state of our earth and organic farming. It was a desire that I had, but really didn’t know how it could ever happen, since he wasn’t playing any shows around where we live, but was playing in B.C. or Toronto, which were kind of close to Manitoba. Even though I didn’t know how I could get there with us not having any extra money for a trip out of province (or a babysitter for the girls, or any other plans for that matter, like Craig being able to get time off work), I wanted to practice manifestation and positive thinking and just believe that if I really wanted to go to his concert I could and I would. After presenting my idea to Craig, he too told me that if I wanted to go to the concert, that I would have to figure out a way to afford everything and get there myself.

So I took out my little journal where I write my manifestations, desires, goals and dreams, wrote down I am going to the Jason Mraz concert in Vancouver, B.C. and forgot about it. I just believed that if I was meant to go, then I would go and that somehow I would be guided as to the steps that I would have to take to make it happen and get the money and the help that I needed to make the trip. I had a few dreams about my brother, who is a doctor and loves to travel and was inspired to email him about my wish to see Jason Mraz in concert. At first, I was hesitant, but then I figured, what is the worst that could happen? And I knew that if I wanted to get to the concert, I would have to follow the guidance I was getting. So I emailed him, asking him if there was any way he could get me out to see this concert. He said that he would be glad to help us out and that he would help me get flights and pay for 5 days worth of hotels for us, as a gift. He also though that it was important that I take time in life to do something that makes me happy and to get a break from the kids.

Step two was getting the tickets. I checked out tickets for a few days, wondering what to choose. I had just made $300 earlier selling a bunch of books to some vegan people who owned a resort in California. This awesome resort actually. I got online and checked out what seats were available. I was initially going to go for the cheaper seats, but then I knew that this was a very special event and that I deserved to treat myself to close-up seats. I also never get away from the kids ever and I didn’t want to feel guilty about making this trip special. The next problem was the fact that I didn’t have a Visa card to pay for them, so once again, I needed help to get the tickets. I called my mom and told her all about the trip that I wanted to take and asked her for her help in getting the tickets. The tickets were bought on her Visa and I payed her back the money the next day. She also committed to coming to stay at our house and look after our girls for us while we went away. The tickets were good ones too! I got tickets for the third row in the center!

This was such a lesson to me in the belief in prayer, positivity and manifestation. I also know that when we ask for something or desire something, we are guided to take steps to make things happen. God and the angels work through us human beings. I do believe in miracles, but I also believe that often times when we pray and lose faith, it is because we are not paying attention to the guidance we are given from the angels through signs, songs, other people or our intuition. Many times before all was set to go for the concert and I actually scoped out tickets, I began to doubt but I did keep seeing signs. I saw a Vancouver sign on a bus and I saw a lady wearing a Vancouver t-shirt walk by me one evening when out for a walk, debating with Craig about going to the concert or not. It was like the angels were telling me, So what about that concert? Are you going to make that happen for yourself? I was the one who had to take the steps that I was shown and now I can say, I am going to see Jason Mraz in Vancouver, B.C.!




4 thoughts on “The Power Of Positivity and Manifestation

  1. That’s awesome, sounds like it will be an *amazing* trip!! We are as a family working on manifesting a trip to the US – it’s been 5 years since I’ve seen my family (well, besides Skype which I am ever thankful for!!). I am so excited to go!! Not getting as close as you are with your trip, but working on it.

    • I pray that you will be able to make that trip! Sending positive thoughts your way on that. It is hard to travel (there are many expenses and things to consider). I hope that you will get to the US for your visit!

  2. Great!!!Enjoy your trip. Positive thinking definitely works. It has always worked for me. I have several instances in my life. The biggest thing is to trust the signs you get as sometimes they can seem weird, impossible or insane. I think very hard and passionately about the things or wishes and leave them in the air hoping my guarding angels can catch them. I definitely have to be patient as I feel God tests me to make sure that I really deserve it.

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