Last night I went quietly into your room to watch you sleep, breathing lightly, with your big angel eyes closed, off in a dream. Such a different experience from your lively, busy self that we see everyday. Sometimes you drive me pretty crazy with your complete interest and curiosity in this world. You are one busy girl and you sure keep us all on our toes!

I watched you take light breaths and I watched your sweet, soft eyelids slightly flutter. I knew that angels were surrounding you. I could feel their presence and warm peace. I felt you communicate to me in your sleep. We could talk to each other then in peace. You have told me more than once how you came to me as my teacher. I know that you are and always have been from the moment of conception. I have always wanted to know more and go deeper in God and you have come to help me and us all. You are a reminder that God answers prayer and that He answers in ways we may not quite understand at first, but if we truly look deeply, see and feel with spirit, it all makes sense. We know that we have been heard. If we can actually pray and surrender the details and the outcome to God, watch and wait, perceiving with our spirit and not our intellect, we can see the answers to our prayers and the guidance we are given.

I kissed your tiny hand and cheeks and thanked you for coming into my life. I thank God for sending you and you for choosing me as your mother. Somehow you knew that daddy and I could handle you, even though you are probably a hundred handfuls! You knew that you belonged with this family and that we could give you the best life and would be open and aware enough spiritually to see you as more than what you are now labelled as. You are a divine spark of light and love, perhaps too advanced for the world at this time, yet you came now for a purpose. You are my light. You are my angel. You are proof of divinity and answered prayer. You constantly keep me in communion with the angels too, who help me to understand you better and who help me become more patient, selfless and loving every day.

You force me to let go of fear and worry, doubt and confusion and cause me to see everything in a different light. You have transformed my consciousness and are constantly undoing and changing my definition of “normal”. You teach me to let go of all of what I have been taught was “normal” or the way that things should be and are showing me a higher way. You help me to truly see and love what is real.

As tears fall down my cheeks and I kiss you goodnight again and again, relishing this still, peaceful and blessed moment that I have you still and able to “talk” with you, I am ever so eternally grateful that you came. You were sent. You are my daughter, my angel, my teacher. You are a powerful and mighty spiritual being and I see you and I love you completely.






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